Jeff Bezos Just Published a New Book!

Bradley Naranch
1 min readJun 28, 2022

(Co-authored, actually).

Bradley (silently to themself): Jeff Bezos just published a new book! It’s REALLY good.

Jeff Bezos: Co-authored, actually. We’re going to have it go viral on the Internet starting today, and then Bradley and I will hook up at Larry’s place in Woodside in a couple of days with a handful of select billionaires to plan our exclusive super yacht seminar from LA to Lana’i in July. (Slight pause). But don’t say anything about this on LinkedIn, or else Bill might find out.

B (nods head in asset): But I can share it with MacKenzie Scott, right?

JB: Assuming that Sara Bareilles sings “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at the wedding.

B: Well, that’s obvious.

JB: Make it so.






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