A Non-Binary Bill of Rights: Draft 1.0

Reader’s Note: This is Draft 1.0 of a planned “Non-Binary Bill of Rights” that I intend to publish on my Revue by Twitter newsletter, “The Chronicles of Nonia” in March 2021. I am posting it on Medium in the hopes that others will offer me feedback.

There is no “I” in the collective. There is only the “we.”

Thank you for your time. Namaste. Trust


Point 1: The Right to our Real Names

We have the right to name ourselves in ways that our birth parents and ancestors could never have imagined possible. We use social media as a vehicle for creating and cultivating these marks of identity. If we choose to carry them over into our physical lives, that is fine. If we decide that they will inhabit cyberspace only, that is our right as well.

Point 2: The Right to our True Styles

We have the right to dress and curate a personal style that adheres to no pre-conceived aesthetic judgements but our own. We refuse to follow rules and routines when it comes to how we talk, text, or touch others by our presence. Clothes keep us warm and safe from harm. They do not define who we are — on the inside or the put.

Point 3: The Right to Wander and Explore Freely

We have no interest in competing with men or women in traditional team sports our other gender-based athletic activities. Instead, we seek out natural spaces and wilder pursuits where we can experience the fullness of physical life without the need to fit into binary norms or fixed rules of game.

Point 4: The Right to Shameless Bodies

We shall never feel ashamed of our bodies or feel the need to compromise or conform them in any way to better fit into society’s mould. We regard the right to gender neutral workplaces, schools, and public spaces to be inalienable ones, for which we are prepared to advocate as needed to enact in practice.

Point 5: The Right to a World Free of Black-and-White Choices

We cannot and will not live in a world dictated by binary choices. Black-and-white options have solved precisely nothing. We are the voices not of him or her but of them. We are not divided into equal or unequal halves. We are an inviolable collective.

Point 6: The Right to an Undivided Planet

We have no patience for proposals to help the planet earth to survive with human intervention if it means separating us from the rest of our ecological inheritance. Just as we cannot tolerate hard and fast divisions with humanity, neither can we do so when it comes to Earth themselves. Earth for us is neither mother or father. Earth is just like us: a non-binary collective. Earth is not a singular; it is a plural.

Point 7: The Right to Create without Prejudice

Our powers of creative self-expression know no limits. We do not define them in binary terms or expect them to fit into expected categories. When we create, emote, articulate, or otherwise express who were are at the core of our identities, we fully expect and in fact demand that we face no prejudice in the process.

Point 8: The Right to Identity with the Other

We reserve the right to identify with and show compassion for all men, women, and others who have faced and continue to face discrimination based on color, creed, orientation, or country of origin. We harbor a deep and abiding respect for balance and equality in all forms and do not believe that anyone deserves to be an outcast — for whatever reason — ever.

These rights are non-negotionable.

These rights adhere to us all.

We all have the right to the collective.

We all have the right to be a them.

I am a gender non-binary writer and founder of the eco-consultancy, sempervirens117.com. I live and work in the Santa Cruz Mountains, outside of Silicon Valley.

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