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Bradley Naranch
9 min readJul 16, 2022

Summer 2022

An updated seasonal diary posted exclusively on Medium in four annual installments: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

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NeoDaylight Time — Prime.

I let my imaginary child, TR Hoody, take over my Medium digital diary yesterday. From time to time, I expect that they will do the same. TR is a fantastic individual, and I know that they will be a huge hit with readers of the Pangea Chronicles. I published Rainbow City, the first volume in the series, on Amazon last week using Kindle Direct Publishing.

Today, I am launching a new hiking and adventure series using the Meetup social gathering platform to locate interested women, men, and gender non-binaries in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area who will join me. It’s a small step in a giant pivot for me from semi-hermitude to becoming a more active member of my community. I have plans to run for the U.S. Presidency in 2024 as an independent Purple Power candidate. It makes sense that I should build a base of supporters here amongst the well connected, the affluent, and the influential. There is a reason why I am launching my political career here and not somewhere else.

My Meetup Group page contains the details of various social gatherings I am in the process of creating. The idea here is to bring together creatives from throughout the Bay Area to combine forces to enact and supercharge needed changes to our environment, both locally, nationally, and globally. It’s ambitious, to be sure, but also totally logical and doable, given enough buy in.

Do you wany to join us in our quest to make Earth great again? I know that the Mediu metaverse is filled with amazingly smart, skilled, and hard-working individuals. I should know. I am one of them. Text me at 408–908–0908 if you’re willing to join the Purple Power Movement and make things happen.

Bradley out.

NeoDaylight Time — Nones.

Hi, it’s me. TR Hoody, the Two Spirit protagonist of the Pangea Chronicles by Bradley Naranch. In Bradley’s first book, Rainbow City, I helped to save the Kingdom of Ir from imminent self-destruction. In the next book, Two Spirit Rising, I head the Governing Council of Pantano Place during the…

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