Writer, eco-entrepreneur, and founder of sempervirens117.com. Lives and works in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. Avid hiker and nature lover.

Climbing Quigg should have been the last thing on Alex’s mind that grey and overcast October morning, lost as he now found himself amidst a spectral forest of burned-out Montana pine. It was all so simple: he should have turned around and headed back down to the trailhead, as any…

Arslay, you write with an impressive level of insight, regardless of age, generation, or background. Williams is lucky to have you, and I am sure you'll make a great lawyer or whatever you wish to become after college. The headphones think is great. I recommend Amazon Music Unlimited as well with great music on offer. Getting out in nature makes a ton of sense, too. I wonder: do you have you cook meals as well or do household chores, or are those handled by others? Do you think your techniques could be adapted on a larger scale beyond the home? Great stuff.

I came out the other day. Not as gay, straight, or trans. I came out as non-binary - on the Internet. I don’t plan on telling my friends or family, either. None of them need to know. I haven’t changed my looks, either. I dress the same, smell the same…

Bradley Naranch

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