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Writer, eco-entrepreneur, and founder of Lives and works in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. Avid hiker and nature lover.

Climbing Quigg should have been the last thing on Alex’s mind that grey and overcast October morning, lost as he now found himself amidst a spectral forest of burned-out Montana pine. It was all so simple: he should have turned around and headed back down to the trailhead, as any sane person in his situation would have done. With each passing minute of hesitation, he drifted further and deeper into a ravaged wilderness landscape far from the familiar foothills and gentler slopes of Missoula that he was slowly beginning to call home. …

Arslay, you write with an impressive level of insight, regardless of age, generation, or background. Williams is lucky to have you, and I am sure you'll make a great lawyer or whatever you wish to become after college. The headphones think is great. I recommend Amazon Music Unlimited as well with great music on offer. Getting out in nature makes a ton of sense, too. I wonder: do you have you cook meals as well or do household chores, or are those handled by others? Do you think your techniques could be adapted on a larger scale beyond the home? Great stuff.

Hi everyone, and welcome to Issue #2 of the Chronicles of Nonia. Thank you for your patience as I get up to speed using this new Revue by Twitter platform and test out its various features.

I haven’t decided yet on a publication schedule, but it likely will be on a monthly rather than weekly or bimonthly basis. …

Reader’s Note: This is Draft 1.0 of a planned “Non-Binary Bill of Rights” that I intend to publish on my Revue by Twitter newsletter, “The Chronicles of Nonia” in March 2021. I am posting it on Medium in the hopes that others will offer me feedback.

There is no “I” in the collective. There is only the “we.”

Thank you for your time. Namaste. Trust


Point 1: The Right to our Real Names

We have the right to name ourselves in ways that our birth parents and ancestors could never have imagined possible. We use social media as a…

I came out the other day. Not as gay, straight, or trans. I came out as non-binary - on the Internet. I don’t plan on telling my friends or family, either. None of them need to know. I haven’t changed my looks, either. I dress the same, smell the same, eat and drink the same, and make love the same way as before. It’s just that I now do so with a difference.

What is the difference? It’s that I finally — after 46 years of inhabiting a planet defined not by gender norms but by biological life itself— taught…

Gin & Tonic at Venus Spirits Distillery.

Venus Spirits Cocktail Bar & Kitchen

[The scene opens with a tracking shot of Tesla driven by Esther with Boke sitting beside her as it pulls out of the Ingalls Street Courtyard parking lot onto turns left onto Swift Street].

[Before the Tesla reaches the intersection with Delaware Avenue, it turns right and pulls into an open slot in front of the distillery. Inside, a crowd of tastefully dressed patrons are gathered at the bar with mixed drinks in hand and bottles of spirits in holiday gift bags next to them]. …

Bottle Jack Wines — Westside Tasting Room

[The scene opens with a slow tracking shot of Esther and Boke leaving the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards tasting room with bottles of port and brandy in a wine carrying case. It is approaching 4pm, and both are by now more than a little intoxicated from their previous stops, in addition to being soaked from their impromptu dance].

[The pair stumble out onto the sidewalk, deposit the contents in the trunk of the Tesla, and then walk arm in arm on unsteady legs to the Bottle Jack Wines tasting room, which is only…

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard

[The scene opens with an interior shot of the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard tasting room, which is festively decorated for the upcoming Christmas holidays. The time is around 2:30pm].

[Esther and Boke are sitting at the bar with glasses of Souzão and Castelão red wine, along with sample pours of “Rabelo” vintage port and Osocalis XO Alambic Brandy].

[Madonna’s ”Come Alive” plays on the stereo. Through the opened bay doors of the tasting room, a light winter’s rain is now falling. There are about half a dozen other tasters standing at wine barrel tables nearby and…

Stockwell Cellars

[The scene opens with an interior shot of Stockwell Cellars’ high-ceilinged Fair Avenue winery and tasting room. It is 12:45pm].

[Esther and Boke are seated in the back right corner on a solidly built wooden bench mounted onto steel support beams constructed by the winemaker himself, who is a welder by profession. They are sipping Santa Cruz Mountains wines by the glass: a 2017 Regan Vineyard Pinot Grigio Ramato and a 2014 Reagan Vineyard Merlot].

[“Still the Good Old Days” by Sheryl Crow featuring Joe Walsh plays in the background from tasting room speakers].

[The pair sip their…

Bradley Naranch

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